The New Order of Shaolin Ch’an was formed in response to the fact that it is almost impossible for anyone to find a “genuine” Shaolin master to learn from. There are no “official” Shaolin temples. These facts are acknowledged by the OSC directly on their official website, (in the FAQ section).

Our goal, then, is to pick up the torch dropped by the masters and light as many fires with it as we can. We hope to shine the light of the Dharma as interpreted through the lens of Shaolin in every corner of the world. We plan to accomplish this goal by setting up Shaolin temples around the world where all people will be welcome to learn the Shaolin path (through academic studies, gung fu/mindfulness, and Dharma studies).

We do not wish to pretend that we are something we are not. No one affiliated with the NOSC has, or ever had, any connection to the OSC beyond what is openly available to the general public through their website and their book, The Shaolin Grandmasters’ Text. However, it is our belief that our actions are in line with Shaolin core principles, and will strive to stay as true to the original traditions and philosophies as possible.



Grandmaster Mo is a decades-long student of the Dharma who originally came to the Path through the excellent book The Compass of Zen by Zen Master Seung Sahn. Soon after studying The Compass of Zen, Grandmaster Mo, whose life has revolved around studying the martial arts from his early childhood Ninjutsu training to studying Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Seven Star Praying Mantis, Jujutsu, Krav Maga, and various practical hand-to-hand combat systems, stumbled upon The Shaolin Grandmasters’ Text, and decided to adopt Shaolin Ch’an’s unique interpretation of the Dharma as the version of the Path he most closely identified with.


Grandmaster Doraku is a lifelong student of the Dharma, and formerly served as a Kishi under the late Hime-sama Asaka Fukuko.