NOSC and Qi

One way in which the NOSC differs from the OSC is that we do not officially accept the supernatural concept of “Qi.” The Buddha urged his followers to examine even his own teachings, and evaluate their validity for ourselves. We see no reason to discard that vital aspect of the Dharma.

In their book, The Shaolin Grandmasters’ Text, the OSC dedicated a section specifically to the concept of Qi. While we respect their belief in this phenomena, we vehemently disagree that the belief in this concept is vital to the spiritual path.

The NOSC will propagate the Dharma as interpreted through the lens of Shaolin. However, the concept of Qi is not Dharma. We will not discourage disciples from accepting (or rejecting) any claims which fall outside of the Dharma. However, we do not wish to officially propagate ideas or concepts which have no rational connection to the ultimate goal of Enlightenment.